Forbes Wisdom: 1000 Thoughts on Life and Business

Forbes Wisdom (Forbes Epigrams)

Bite-sized Servings of Timeless Wisdom

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The ship on a grand voyage — whether across the ocean or through the stars — is kept on the best path through small, measured course corrections. The words of Forbes Wisdom provide just this sort of guidance for anyone seeking meaningful success.

B.C. Forbes, founder and editor of Forbes Magazine, often found himself with small spaces left between articles. So he poured his knowledge of business and life into writing short proverbs to fill these gaps. Readers loved them and asked for more.

In 1922, this collection of 1000 beloved sayings was published under the title Forbes Epigrams. Their collected message has the power to educate, challenge and entertain. Readers will find wisdom for business and life on numerous topics:

  • Integrity
  • Success
  • Growth
  • Adversity
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Leadership
  • Meaningful Work
  • Initiative
  • Wealth and Contentment
  • and many more!

Whether you read the book straight through or pick a proverb each day to reflect on, Forbes Wisdomprovides guidance to assist you on your own grand voyage.

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